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Welcome to the (as of yet far fewer) English pages of my homepage!

Having published my book on Sigmund Klein in German and having discovered even more relatives around the globe I thought it was time for an English translation. As the book is published through Kindle Direct Publishing the book is now truly available to readers all around the globe.

This new version of the book is more or less identical with the original German book but hopefully it is thus more easily approachable for everybody who is not quite as fluent in German. It does contain one extra chapter in which I can explain how the circle of my distant relatives has expanded quite a bit due to the publication of my book in German.

In case there is really interest in/demand for it, I'm naturally more than willing to offer translations of other pages of this webpage into English, too (even tough I have to admit that by now even automatic AI-translations produce quite impressive results). As you may have seen, the information on "the author" (i.e. my humble self) is also available in English.

The Sigmund Klein homepage might become especially relevant as it is my plan to publish an appendix with translations of all the original German documents contained in the book into English. In the current English version there is no such complete appendix (of about 50 extra pages) as I've tried to explain all the essential contents of the documents (as far as they play a role in the story of my ancestors) in English in the actual text of the book. Thus, the 'extra service' of providing complete transcripts is intended mainly for the especially thourough readers. People like you and me can hopefully also appreciate the book - for what it's worth - without this appendix. ;-)

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse am Buch Die großen Spuren des Sigmund Klein

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